Social Responsibility

Efficient business and business development in harmony with the local community, is a motto which is strictly followed, improved and developed by FCL,thus proving in each and every opportunity exceptional qualities of a socially responsible company .

We think that an open dialogue is the basic condition for good co-existence of FCL and the town.

Apart from active participation in projects which support the development of local community, particularly in projects that involve working with children and for children, we attempt to present transparently and directly our factory, production, performed and planned measures of environment protection through various activities such as organizing open door days for citizens, factory tours for students of all ages as well as government officials and representatives of institutions .

Plans and projects of FCL have never been unknown for either local, cantonal or wider community. On numerous occasions we have been ensured that it is exactly that synergy with institutions, government and non government sector, ecological associations, schools, health, sports, cultural and other institutions, that represents a safe route to harmonization of the company’s business activities, as well as a means of improving lifes of the people of Lukavac.

For example, within the traditional “Open Door Day”, FCL widely opens its gates to the people of Lukavac, citizens of Tuzla Canton, and especially to the youngest and the youth. That day is an opportunity to get to know the factory's activities and the production process carried out with the help of  the mostmodern facilities.

Renovating the central city park, installation of a clock on a pillar on one of the crossroads in Lukavac, which has been told to be one of the most beautiful streets in Lukavac, reconstruction of the local kindergarten, are just some of the projects and just part of our mission and effort for a harmonic coexistence with the local community.

FCL will notstop there, but will be proving itself further as a socially responsible and socially sensitive company.