Production Flow

Raw materials
Basic raw materials for production of the raw meal are: limestone, electrical filter ash, marl, and quartz sand. Transport of the raw material is performed by the means of: cable-car, trucks, and rail.

Raw material warehousing
Raw materials that are delivered to the factory are stored in the halls for warehousing of raw materials. During the storage process single homogenization process is performed, and the extraction of raw materials is done by dispensers and transportation systems that are located in the tunnels below the raw material warehouse.

Drying and grinding of the raw material
Drying and grinding are performed by the gases from the rotary kiln in the vertical mill. Ground material is transported into the homogenization silo, with the capacity of 6,000 tons of raw meal.

Clinker burning
Clinker is made by burning raw meal at the temperature of 1,320-1,450°C, and it is used as a semi-manufactured product for cement production. Basic energy-generating product for the process is coal, but masut can be used as well as alternative fuels. Clinker is stored in the silo for storage of ca 40,000 tons, or in the clinker hall of ca 25,000 tons. The capacity of the rotary kiln is 2,000 t of clinker a day.

Grinding of cement
Basic components in the production of cement are: clinker, plaster and, mineral supplement. The factory has two cement mills, with the total capacity of 3,600 tons/day. The bulk warehouse available is ca 11,500 t of all classes of cement and other products.

Cement packing and dispatch
Cement dispatch is either in bulk or on pallets. Bulk loading is possible on five locations. Two automatic lines are installed for packing of cement and other products in the sacks. The packed product is delivered to the customer on euro-pallets and it is covered by foil. Dispatch of the product and the reception of the raw materials are performed using the card system of dispatch.

Monitoring and managing of the production process is completely computerized, and the system is centralized and managed from the central control room.