Business principles

We show our professionalism through quality, efficient and professional work, in compliance with the laws and regulations, applying principles of safety at work, protection of health and environment, and we use the best technologies available.

We perform our work tasks and commitments responsibly, on time and fairly, also in accordance with the ethical norms and model work discipline.

Development of the Company, its long-term stability is based on professionalism and reliability. As a subsidiary of the Austrian ASAMER Holding we manage to keep and constantly strengthen our position in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our products
We produce portland cement and masonry cement. Many years of experience and constant improvement of quality of our products are the basis of business success and leading position of FCL.

Our customers
We are a reliable supplier, whose long-term ties with customers are based on stable quality, model cooperation and high operative levels of deliveries, partnership, mutual respect and trust.

Our employees
Fabrika cementa Lukavac is an attractive employer. We provide stable jobs for our employees, as well as professional education, vocational development and social stability. Human resources – their professionalism, abilities and experience – are the biggest asset of the company.

Safety and health
We undertake all technical and other modern measures, in order to ensure safety and protect the health of our employees, but also the safety and health of our customers, suppliers and other partners.

Our suppliers and business partners
We have high demands as far as our suppliers and business partners are concerned, but we always negotiate in an open and transparent way. We demand stable quality and full service, and in return we offer valuable partnership.

Our natural and work environment
We are aware of our responsibility, which comes from the exploitation of natural resources. We make every effort in order to recultivate the area which we exploit during our production processes. Furthermore, the foundations of our business philosophy are ecologically healthy environment, maximal reduction of emission and immission. In that field we have achieved European ecological standards. In our company all employees are ecologically aware.