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Sulphate resistent cement with low hydration temperature. Slag content 66%-80%, clinker 20%-34% (incl. gypsum). Declaration of Conformity according to Standards HRN EN197-1 i HRN EN197-2, BAS EN 197-1, BAS EN 197-2 .

Physical and mechanical properties 

Average values

Normative requirements

BAS EN  197-1

Compressive strength on 7 days (Mpa) 


≥ 16

Compressive strength on 28 days (MPa) 


≥32.5 ≤ 52.5




Setting time (min) 


≥ 75

Additive (%)



Soundness according to Le Chatelier (mm) 



Hydration heat ( J/gr)




Chemical properties


Average values  vaslues     values  

Normative requiremets

EN  197-1

Sulphate content (SO3%)


≤ 3.5

Chloride content (Cl %)


≤ 0.10

Loss on ignition  (%)


≤ 5.0  



  • high sulphate resistance due to considerable part of slag (low hydration temperature, reduced tendencies of shrinking and creation of cracks),
  • considerable increase of pressure strength with higher age of concrete (after 28 days),
  • longer start of bonding,
  • possible thermal treatment in start phase of manipulation increasing the early strength,
  • considerable slower diffusion of aggressive ions, 
  • increased resistance to affect of clean and aggressive water.

Recommendation for use:

  • construction in wet and aggressive environment enriched with sulphates,
  • work in road constructions, construction of bridge footers (naval and coastal objects),
  • underground works, stabilization and injection of the ground,
  • system for treatment of sewage water,
  • drainage sewage systems,
  • watering systems etc..

 Esspecialy adequate for:

  • objects in aggressive environments,
  • massive constructions with large area and volumes and
  • concrete work in hot climate (hot period).

Transportation and storage:

  • to be transported in resources that protect cement from humidity influence,
  • transport resources must be cleaned from other materials that may affect the quality of the cement,
  • storage in concrete or steel silos that protect cement from outer influences, especially from humidity,
  • during storage in silos insure avoidance of mixing the cement with other products,
  • with adequate transport and storage, cement should be used the latest, within 6 months from delivery,
  • cement can irritate eyes and skin and can cause heavy breathing,
  • it is necessary to avoid contact with eyes and skin and use personal protective equipment.


  • This product has a valid certificates according HRN EN 197-1,BAS EN 197-1:2002
  • Declaration ofConformity for CEM III/B-32,5 N SR- LH according BAS EN 197-1:2002 and rulebook about technical performances for cement issued by “Fabrika cementa Lukavac d.d” (class number of declaration 071/13 from 04.02.2013)