Success of the business activity of Fabrika cementa Lukavac directly depends on the satisfaction of our customers. We work for them. The fact that we are the leading company in this area in Bosnia and Herzegovina shows how customers respond and react to our business ethics, seriousness, and the quality of our products.

Intensive dialogue with existing and potential customers, meeting their needs, whishes and specific requirements are the foundations of all our business endeavors. 

Products of the highest quality, constant upgrading of services, and availability of our operators, are the basis for a relationship of long-lasting trust between our customers and us.

Open communication with new customers, as well as with customers who have been with us for many years, in which we include our employees from production and quality control department, is a reliable »tool« which allows us to meet the demands and the needs of every customer flexibly and efficiently. Customers’ satisfaction and market needs are the starting point and the source of all our technological and business endeavors.