Company History


1969-Investment programme for building of cement factory with the capacity of 800 t of clinker per day and 340,000 t of cement per year
1970-Beginning of the construction of FCL
06/1974-Completion of the construction of FCL
1976-Reaching the projected capacity of 340,000 t cement
04/1992-Termination of the continuous cement production due to war
1993/1994-Occasional cement production depending on the demand
03/1996-Restoring of the continuous cement production 
10/12/2001-Signing of the Contract on privatization between Cantonal Privatization Agency and the company ALAS International Baustoffproduktions AG, Austria. Change in the ownership structure: the company ALAS International Baustoffproduktions AG becomes the majority owner with 51% of the total capital
09/12/2002-Laying of the cornerstone for the project ‘’Expansion and modernization of Cement Factory Lukavac’’, beginning of the construction of the facility
  • Reconstruction and modernization of the existing production line and increase of the clinker production capacity from 800 t to 1,050 t; transfer to coal combustion in clinker production
  • General reconstruction and modification of the electrical filter
  • Building the coal unloading system
  • Circular coal warehouse
  • Coal mill
  • Cement mill
  • General reconstruction of the old cement mill
  • Clinker silo
  • Fly ash silo
  • New packing plant and palletisation equipment
  • Bulk cement loading system
  • Automatic dispatch system
06/04/2004-Official opening of the new plants
  • Reached the record production of 480,000 t of cement
  • Installing of new laboratory equipment
  • Introduced ISO 9001:2000 quality system
  • Packing of 25 kg of cement introduced
  • Laboratory equipment: roentgen analysis equipment and diffraction meter
  • Bag filters for cement silos
  • Plant for stretch foil on the second palletisation equipment
  • Scales for limestone, slag and ash on raw material mill
  • Clay dispenser
  • Measures for technical improvement of the old cement mill
  • Marland clay transporter
  • Reconstruction of the reception facility and the car park
  • Certificate ISO 14001:2004 (Umweltmanagementsystem)

Official ceremony of receiving the Certificate on completed contract obligations and laying the cornerstone for the construction of the new rotation kiln, beginning of the second phase of reconstruction and modernization of FCL

  • Single-string, five-stage preheater with Pyroclon LowNOx calciner and Pyrotop compact mixing chamber
  • Pyrorapid rotary kiln 3,8 m x 45 m with tertiary air duct and dust settling chamber
  • Pyrostream kiln burner for coal and fuel oil firing and Pyrobox coal dust  firing systems for calciner
  • Pyrofloor clinker cooler PFC with hammer-type clinker crusher and pyrofloor control
  • Raw grinding mill 160 tph
  • Storage silos for raw material – capacity 1250 m3
  • Homosilo 6000 t
  • Dedusting line for the mill and kiln with the filter 10 mg/Nm3
06/04/2009-Completion of the second phase of investment; official opening of the new plants
06/15/2012-Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism awarded the Environmental license to FCL with approval for usage of alternative fuels