Cement 42,5N



Portland mixed cement contains 65-75% cement clinker, 21-35% silica fly ash marked V from power plant and limestone as main ingredients, commonly grounded in ball mill with addition of natural gypsum als bonding regulator 

Physical and mechanical properties s

Average values

Normative requirements

BAS EN  197-1

Soundness according to Le Chatelier    (mm) 


≤ 10

Setting time (min.)



Compressive strength on 2 days    (MPa) 


≥ 10

Compressive strength on 28 days      (MPa)


≥42.5 ≤ 62.5 


 Chemical characteristics

Average value

Normative requirements

BAS EN  197-1

Sulphate content (SO3%)


≤ 3.5

Chloride content (Cl %)


≤ 0.10   


Portland mixed cement CEMII/B-M(V-L) 42,5 N is especially suitable for bearing concrete constructions, concrete works with demands on high final strength.

Characteristics :

  • low loss of optimal consitency,
  • moderate cement bonding,
  • moderate development of strength,
  • very moderate development of hydration heat,
  • good resistance on moderate agressive influences due to addition of silica fly ash.

Recommendation for use:

  • production of ready mixed concrete,
  • underground foundation works,
  • concrete constructions with wide diameter and volume,
  • final construction and mortar works, production of masonry and plastering products,
  • construction of bearing concrete constructions for residential buildings, business industrial objects of higher class of final compressive strength,
  • production of various concrete components and glaze,
  • fabrication of less demanding concrete constructions in see environment.

Transportation and storage:

  • to be transported in resources that protect cement from humidity influence ,
  • transport resources must be cleaned from other materials that may affect the quality of the cement ,
  • storage in concrete or steel silos that protect cement from outer influences, especially from humidity,
  • during storage in silos insure avoidance of mixing the cement with other products,
  • bagged cement to be storage in dry place protected from atmospheric influence, above ground on pallets or other dry base,
  • with adequate transport and storage, cement should be used the latest, within 6 months from delivery,
  • cement can irritate eyes and skin and can cause heavy breathing,
  • it is necessary to avoid contact with eyes and skin and use personal protective equipment .


  • Product posses the certificate of consistency of properties according  HRN EN 197-1:2012 and BAS EN 197-1:2002.

Declaration of conformity for CEM II/B-M(V-L) 42,5 N according BAS EN 197-1:2002 and Regulation about technical properties for cement issued by “Fabrika cementa Lukavac d.d” (class number of statement 99/14 from 04.03.2014).