Cement 32,5N



Portland mixed cement contains 65-75% Portland cement clinker, 21-35% silica fly ash mark V from power plant and limestone as main ingredients, commonly grounded in mill with balls with addition of natural gypsum as bonding regulator. It has a small loss with optimal consistency, moderate bonding of cement, low development of hydration heat, good resistance on moderately aggressive influences due to addition of silica fly ash. Portland mixed cement mark CEMII/B-M(V-L) 32,5 N is specially adjusted for construction of non-bearing concrete construction for business and residential objects with pressure strength up to C25/30, production of transport concretes, underground works for foundation and stabilization of the soil, concrete construction of the large sections and volumes, final construction works, as well as for construction of mortars and construction of various concrete bases and glazes.  

Physical and mechanical properties

 Average values 

Normative requirements

BAS EN  197-1

Soundness according to Le Chatelier (mm) 


≤ 10

Setting time (min.)



Compressive strength on 7 days  (MPa) 


≥ 16

Compressive strength on 28 days  (MPa)


≥32.5 ≤ 52.5 


 Chemical characteristics

 Average values 

Normative  requirements 

BAS EN  197-1

Sulphate content  (SO3%)


≤ 3.5

Chloride content  (Cl %)


≤ 0.10   

Transportation and storage:

  • to be transporterd in means of transportation that provide protection of cement from humidity influence,
  • to be stored in concrete or steel silos that provide protection from outside influences,
  • bagged cement to be storage in dry place protected from atmospheric influence, above ground on pallets or other dry base, 
  • With adequate transportation and storage, cement is to be used within 6 months from delivery. 


  • Product posses valid certificates of consistency of properties according HRN EN 197-1:2012 and BAS EN 197-1:2002.

Declaration of conformity for CEM II/B-M(V-L) 32,5 N according BAS EN 197-1:2002 and Regulation about technical properties for cement issued by “Fabrika cementa Lukavac d.d” (class number of statement 100/14 from 04.03.2014).