Empowering personnel, continous education of the employees, long-term procurement of raw materials, strengthening social engagement and assuming social responsibility through Company’s cooperation with local community are among the main goals upon which the company’s management is founded.

Educated and highly professional, responsible and a satisfied employee makes the foundations of this company’s business success. Insisting on and cherishing this business philosophy has made FCL a leader in cement production in BH. The company was the first to establish the principle that employees, their knowledge and skills formulate the basic capital of business success. 

This business policy has, among other advantages, made FCL the most popular and desirable employer in this part of BH. The Company offers stable jobs and over-the-average income in this branch of BH industry.

This successful and efficient business strategy which grows around educated and highly professional, responsible and satisfied employee is based on several core premises. Firstly, the employees have opportunity to grow professionally and invest into their knowledge and skills. Secondly, they can share experiences and build international career within the Group. Moreover, they can progress within the Company through mentorship, development and career planning.

Asamer Group has demonstrated that safety at work in complex industries such as cement production is the priority, as not a single safety incident with major consequences took place during the construction of new production line and vast construction works within FCL perimeters.

Employees’ health and safety are a special segment on which the Company insists. The latest technological advances and equipment provide highest level of safety at workplace. Constant health check-ups and sports recreational activities are only a portion of the Company’s care for employees’ health and safety.

Austrian owners and FCL management know that maintaining market leader position and organisational development are fundamentally linked to the employees’ satisfaction and continous acquirement of new skills as these enable individuals to assume more complex tasks and adequately prepare themselves for assignments forthcoming in future.